Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MY TOP 20 N64 GAMES!!!!!!

I Love the hell out of all these games,I spent quite a bit of time making this list. Ahhhhhh flashbacks :)

20.Pokemon Stadium 64- 3-D Pokemon battles,FUCK YEAH!!!!! The mini-games were a lot of fun too.

19.Megaman 64-Fuck YEAH!!!!! Megaman in 3-D!!!!!!!!

18.Castlevania-One of the scariest platformers out there.It's even kinda scary now.Great story too.

17.Donkey Kong 64-All the apes from the past games in one.Except I have no idea where Lanky came from?

16.Conker's Bad Fur Day-Lulz fart humor and platforming at it's greatest.

15.Paper Mario-Mario RPG? Count me in!

14.Goemon's Great Adventure-Simple and fun,really badass two player! Play it nao!

13.Star Wars Episode I: Racer-Intense space racing action set in the Star Wars universe.

12.Star Fox 64-Beat it a million times.You can drive a tank,submarine,and of course the arwing.

11.F-Zero X -Super batshit intense space racing game. Music and gameplay is phenomenal!
(Like the music gets me really really pumped.)

10.Yoshi Story-Possibly one of the happiest games ever made.

9.Diddy Kong Racing- Tip-top was my favorite character.

8.Mario Party Series-Fucking greatest board game of all time!!!!!

7.Mario Kart 64-Got gold trophies errwhere.I beat the hell out of this game.

6.Jet Force Gemini-Goriest teen game EVAR.Kill bugs guts and body parts everywhere!

5.Super Mario 64-Got every star,first game for my N64 too. :D

4.Snowboard Kids 2-Very underrated game. This game is seriously sooo much fun,it still is!The music is uber good too. If your a racing game fan.Get it!!!! Seriously play it.

3. Super Smash Bros.-Oh yeaaaaah.

2.Harvest Moon 64-Spent a lot of my life on this game lol. Do I regret it? Fuck you.

1.Zelda:Ocarina Of Time-Everyones favorite.The Hyrule field song is now playing in your head. :)