Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MY TOP 20 N64 GAMES!!!!!!

I Love the hell out of all these games,I spent quite a bit of time making this list. Ahhhhhh flashbacks :)

20.Pokemon Stadium 64- 3-D Pokemon battles,FUCK YEAH!!!!! The mini-games were a lot of fun too.

19.Megaman 64-Fuck YEAH!!!!! Megaman in 3-D!!!!!!!!

18.Castlevania-One of the scariest platformers out there.It's even kinda scary now.Great story too.

17.Donkey Kong 64-All the apes from the past games in one.Except I have no idea where Lanky came from?

16.Conker's Bad Fur Day-Lulz fart humor and platforming at it's greatest.

15.Paper Mario-Mario RPG? Count me in!

14.Goemon's Great Adventure-Simple and fun,really badass two player! Play it nao!

13.Star Wars Episode I: Racer-Intense space racing action set in the Star Wars universe.

12.Star Fox 64-Beat it a million times.You can drive a tank,submarine,and of course the arwing.

11.F-Zero X -Super batshit intense space racing game. Music and gameplay is phenomenal!
(Like the music gets me really really pumped.)

10.Yoshi Story-Possibly one of the happiest games ever made.

9.Diddy Kong Racing- Tip-top was my favorite character.

8.Mario Party Series-Fucking greatest board game of all time!!!!!

7.Mario Kart 64-Got gold trophies errwhere.I beat the hell out of this game.

6.Jet Force Gemini-Goriest teen game EVAR.Kill bugs guts and body parts everywhere!

5.Super Mario 64-Got every star,first game for my N64 too. :D

4.Snowboard Kids 2-Very underrated game. This game is seriously sooo much fun,it still is!The music is uber good too. If your a racing game fan.Get it!!!! Seriously play it.

3. Super Smash Bros.-Oh yeaaaaah.

2.Harvest Moon 64-Spent a lot of my life on this game lol. Do I regret it? Fuck you.

1.Zelda:Ocarina Of Time-Everyones favorite.The Hyrule field song is now playing in your head. :)


  1. dude, i agree with you 100% except perfect dark would be up there with zelda. no joke

  2. Yeah, Zelda and Smash Bros in the Top3, that's correct! ^^

  3. I should play my N64 this weekend... thanks for reminding me about it!

  4. Yeah, everyone's fave is Zelda, true dat.

  5. sweet list. spent so much time on harvest moon it's not even funny.

  6. you are now humming the song of storms

  7. I would have made a very different list.. 007?!

  8. hahaha now you got that song stuck in my head.

  9. hehe I remember playing some of these myself when I was a kid :D