Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I want to Lucid Dream so bad

I've been trying to Lucid Dream for a good year now. I've mixed a lot of techniques like WBTB and WILD.

But I never actually broken through. My dream recall has been phenomenal though,so that has to be a sign that I am coming closer to waking up in my dreams.
 I've been using this program called "You Are Dreaming". And it basically brainwashes me all day. At random intervals I'll see you are dreaming and other phrases that remind my subconscious to think about dreaming. It's been workin pretty fine since my dreams become more vivid each day.

I can't wait to kill a lot of dream people in the coolest ways.

I can't wait to take on dinosaurs and save villages from them.

I can't wait to be able to make people explode just with the power of thought.

I can't wait to fucking lucid dream,so I can unleash my imagination on the doomed dream people lol.

                                             Any thoughts or experiences on the subject?


  1. good luck, i have no experience in such matters though :(

  2. Keep trying. It works.
    Starting to remember your dreams is a first phase, so you're going in the right direction. (I did this for a time, several years ago. It's fun.I flew a lot those days.)

  3. I've had a few the thing that helps me is keeping a dream journal and reading about lucid dreaming right before going to sleep. Good luck, oh and I'm following this great blog

  4. I've had a few, but completely unintentional. However, they do not last long after I realize it is a dream.

  5. I LOVE TO FLY. That is all