Monday, February 28, 2011

The New Blog

I have decided to take this blog to a whole nother level. I will write more in detail,instead of short and quick to the point. I want my readers to enjoy what I'm posting,instead of just ramblings and random short thoughts.

I will admit this blog has no structure whatsoever, but that's okay. Sticking to the same fucking subject is boring anyways.

I will start writing short stories. Thoughts I have about how the universe works(lulz hippies). I will also put a lot more widgets (chatbox, polls, etc.) on the side because I really care what you are all thinking about my blog.
I need constructive criticism, or perhaps straight up telling me I suck at writing and I should never post on the netz ever again LOL. I want to write for your entertainment.

Please enjoy my upcoming posts.

                                       I Am A Dinosaur Hunter.